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Well, I got my finals grades back:

Kanji 1 : A / 4.0
Japanese 2nd Term: A / 4.0
Cultural Anthropology: A / 4.0
Lingusitics: A / 4.0


thank God - I am so releived! Hopefully this means I am accepted at Hawaii U

.....phew. Yokata!


ARGGHH....after spending 3-4 hours a day over spring break on homework, I'M STILL NOT DONE!!!!

I'm so tired - only got 4 hours of sleep last nighht, and right now I'm reading "Bilingualism in Development: Language, Literacy, and Cognition" for a rough draft of a research paper that's due tomorrow...plus I have a major test in cultural anthropology that I do NOT feel prepared for...

dang. it.

I just want to sleep....arrrggghhh...at least my Kanji test went well today....

Librarything #3

ha ha...already at 200...lol


and I did end up puting some manga in...for how can I leave out W Juliet? ^^ Hum...wonder how long it will take to put a dent in catologing ALL the books I've read? heh. lol

Librarything #2

well, I decided to try it....half an hour later and after only looking up 5 authors....I have 100 books. Um....If I want to continue, guess I'll have to pay... ^^;;



So I was randomly reading someone's blog, and they mentioned catologuing the books they'd read on Librarything...and I thought "hum...that's interesting..." SO I googled it. Actually, I yahooed it, but that doesn't sound right...strange.

Well, guess what? The first 200 books are free, after that $10 and year (Unlimited) or $25 for life...

o_0 um...200????? that's IT???? Good Lord in heaven, I'd read more books than that by the time I was 10!!!!! When I was 11 I tried making a list of all the books I'd read (critera: books had to be at least 200 pages) and I lost count at about 1200 (I think I was around 1160 - 1300 when I lost count...but I wasn't near done yet) So seriously...200. That's it? I'm afraid to buy an account...I mean, if they think 200 is a lot, can you even put like 3,000 - 7,000 books on one of those lists? Cause I've read at least 3,000 - not sure how many exactlly (that's why I found this interesting) But I remember when I was reading AT LEAST 2 books a day, (generally 3, and up to 6 or 7). Hum...I should ask someone with an account....

though, come to think of it...coming up with the list would take A LONG TIME. (And that would be with leaving out the manga...because counting all the scanlated volumes I read over about a 2 month period when I was REALLY bored....well, the scanlated ones were about 25-30 gegabytes on my pc. Until it crashed. Dang it.)

Still, it's an intreging thought. And it got me to post something besides drama links/reviews. LOl ♥

3 am

I have GOT to stop doing this ....

bed time by 1 am from now on...


Midterm Results: Part 1


I got the results back from my JAPANESE 121 class....I got a 98.5 on my midterm! ^^

...now if I can just talk Kumakura-sensei into some extra cretit to make up for my 1st chapter quiz, a 4.0 is completely do able ^^


I got an A on my first major Linguistics assn. - (an essay) ^^ ah, yokata!

In other news (lol) I think I'm going to give up stress for lent...^^;; not sure how that will work....^^;;

anyways, still just busy w/ work, school, ect. Oh! FINNAllY finished the last two episodes of "Pride"


That . o_0 - no words....SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!! Can not reccommend highly enough.

and Halu's parting phrase on the drama? *LOVE*!!!

Aki: "Mabye..."


"Must Be."

^^ You just HAVE to see it!


Barely hanging on ^^;;; - School, work, STRESS! so tired....I just want to sleep for like a year...

so yeah. I haven't even seen episode two of hyd season 2! What is the world coming to?!? lol.

um...not much point here...can't seen to formulate one...so bye.

happy birthday to me....in 4 hours ^^

Hum...Ya'll find find this a little strange - especially those of you who have known me for a while - but when I was little I was sure I would not live to 23 years old. Why? No idea. Maybe that just seemed way to old to think about - I don't know. I just know that I was pretty sure I would die before turning 23. I didn't think about it much as I got older, but I always kinda wondered - I mean, as a kid I'd been SO sure. And, this last month as my 23rd birthday approched, I thought about it a lot.
See, as a teen I was almost afraid to make plans for the future when I thought about it. Later I didn't really care, though there was always a little curiosity about whether I'd live past 23. This past month I mostly just thought - What if I DID die now? How do I feel about my life so far? You know what I realized? I'm actually pretty happy about my life so far. I mean, parts of it REALLY sucked (like the whole Marble blowup) and there are TONS of stuff I still want to do (hello, how can I die without my first kiss!!??!!) but overall - not bad. I have a family who loves me, good friends - old and new, a dream I am working hard towards, and the confidence that I am doing my best to live without regrets. I mean, I make a lot of mistakes - but I work hard to fix them. I have a lot of fears, but I'm doing my best to overcome them. They say you should live everyday like its your last. You know what? I think I'm at least part way there. I want to live so that if today was my last day, or tomorrow, or next year - I would go thinking "maybe I wanted more time, but - I guess I've been doing pretty good with what I had."

So, in four hours I will be 23. And after about 15 years, I won't have that every-once-in-a-while "what if?". What will I do differently? Well, nothing, I hope. I mean - you never know how many days you have left, so live each one like it is your last. Dream big, fight hard, die trying.