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Librarything #4

Yep, It's been a while! ^^ I was too busy to update my library for a while, but I just added almost 400 books - bringing me to 1088 XD

Speaking of which, i need to check and see how thirstygirl 's library is coming along! ^^ - thanks again, dear - i love it! XD

So why 400 books in one go?

Well, I hadn't updated for a while, I'm avoiding my homework, and (this is the embarressing part) I decided to add all the "Love Inspired"* books I'd ever read, did a quick search, started adding ..... I was expecting about 100....

It was closer to 285 ^^;;

he. he hee.

ha ha ha


lol, I find that both embarressing and hilarious. ^^;;

*"Love Inspired" is a line of Christian novels that come out every month....I started reading them at about 16, but I haven't read any for about a year.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
thanks! ^^