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You know you're too tired when....

So today I was so tired on the way to school (BTW - I drive an hour to school mon. - thur. @ 7am) that I almost pulled over. I don't think it was very safe to be driving in that condition (which is why I am going to sleep in exactly 10 minutes). I do have an Aunt who lives in the same town as my school, and she has offered to let me crash at her place. I can't really on days that i work, (because my work is closer to my house anyways) but i think I'm going to start taking her up on that offer on days I don't work. I'm just so tired!

Point in case - after class today, I did homework for as long as I could stand (no work today, so I was trying to do the next 2 days homework.) Then I took a break, then more homework. Went home, took a 1/2 hour nap, then went to a local coffee shop (it's now 9pm) to read my Philosophy chapter, the only one left....got through the chapter just as the coffee shop was closing and was feeling really good about myself....until I realized I'd read the WRONG DAMN CHAPTER.


ROFL - I gave up and came home. It's time to sleep! ^^;;

ps - he emailed back ^^ *silly grin*


Jun. 8th, 2010 06:16 pm (UTC)
I saw your reply in my e-mail concerning Saiunkoku Monogatari, I appreciate a lot your comment thans. Well to be honest, my Japanese skills right now are pretty poor but improving, I work a lot for it. Yes I'd be very happy to be able to read Japanese and to write in the near future better than I do now, now it seems a long way to go but I'll try my best.
By the way I live in Romania and my name is Mirabela.Yoroshiku onegai shimasu...I'm sorry I don't have Japanese fonts.