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^^ I started classes ^^ My philosophy teacher is wonderful - he really makes the subject fasinating, and he leads great discussions. I love going to that class. History is good, though not quite as fun....( I still wish I was in ancient, not american history ^^;; )

My transcripts were resent to Hawaii, so I should hear soon. ^^;; the wait is KILLING me.

Work....I'm surviving. I get homework done on my lunch (and sometimes take a 15 min nap ^^). Luckly, I'm working with some really nice girls. One of them - Mariam - I wish ya'll could meet. If it wasn't for her, this would be a lot harder without the managers!

We got hired the same week, and Mariam has changed so much since then. She is from pakistan, and is my age. When I first met her, she barely spoke. It took me a week to get more than 2 sentances at a time out of her... lol. I found out that even though she had been in retail 5 years, and was a very hard worker, she never tried to move up because she worried about her english. I figured that needed to change. Since I was a CSL (Custormer Sales Lead), I assigned the girls their roles....I started putting Mariam as greeter (I'm so mean ^^;;) - so she HAD to talk to the customers.

Anyways, over the last eight months, me and the other CSL, Tiffiny, have watched Mariam get more and more talkative - we almost fell over the first time she made a joke at our expense, but we loved it! ^^

When our managers both left, we talked to her about trying for promotion to CSL, and Mariam was hesitant at first, but finally decided she wanted to try. Well, all this week she has been training to be a CSL, running the sales floor herself, and I must say she is wonderfull. The first time she was in charge and gave me an order I wanted to hug her ^^ - it's so great to see her confident in both herself, and her english. Though I am sure Tiffiny and I will be sorry we pushed her at times....because now she teases us ALL the time! lol ^^ -- and she's bossy. Always telling me to sleep more, and take less school, and to eat....come to think of it, now she rarely is quiet! I'll miss her a lot when I go away to school ^^ But yeah, she's really helped fill the gap that the managers left, we wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't here.

Today I went to the Fair! I haven't been in five years....I love the fair ^^ I went with my family (who I hadn't seen in like 4 days ^^;;). I left in the afternoon to go get some homework done, but I went back at 8:30 to see the fireworks - so pretty! I love fireworks ^^. and I had a funnel cake (YUMM) oh! and I saw a l'arc~en~ciel cd for sale! isn't that funny? ^^

It was really really nice having the day off and hanging out w the family at the fair ^^ tomorrow it's back to homework and work, but today was a wonderful break!


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Jun. 23rd, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
thats good that your enjoying school and that work doesn't suck as much as you thought it would be...

and i was thinking of going to the fair myself???
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